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Automotive Maintenance

-Oil Change

-Transmission Fluid Change

-Transfer Case Fluid Change

-Coolant Flush & Refill

-Tune Up

-Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter Change

-Spark Plugs

-Serpentine Belt Replacement

-Windshield Wipers


Automotive Repair

-Cooling System


-Brake Job





-Transfer Case

-Rack & Pinion

-Module Repair & Replace

Performance Upgrades



-Turbo Kit Installation

-Supercharger Installation

-Higher CC Injectors

-Fuel Pump

-Engine Swap

-Transmission Swap

-ECU/ECM Base Tuning

-Tuner/Programmer Installs

-Camshaft Upgrade

-Exhaust Work

-Engine Internals

Automotive Diagnostics


-Sensors (Lab Scope)




Our top of the line scanners and software aid our technicians in pin pointing the cause of your issue. Rest assured, Jasper Motorsport has the experience your vehicle needs. 

And Much More!

Can't find what you are looking for? At Jasper Motorsport we tailor our services to each and every customers needs. Call, message, or stop by today. 

Engine Repairs


-Water Pump



-Power Steering Pump




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